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Japan Jungle. Japan Online. 

Experience Japan from the comfort of home.


Founded in 2017, Japan Jungle connects users to content and merchandise surrounding J-Subculture.

Browse the website to view unique content and order items from Japan with no shipping/handling or currency exchange fees

Otaku TV is the Live Stream Archive hosted by Japan Jungle. The OTV stream channel refreshes every 15 minutes with live user-generated content!

(The channel runs on Instagram allowing users to broadcast news, anime and live stream footage by tagging @JapanJungle in the caption.)

The Otaku TALK forum connects users to several categories of discussion/P2P including Video Games, Manga, Art and Anime.

  • Discuss and share content at the Otaku TALK forum. Click on the Members chat icon to send private/direct messages.  

  • The Shop provides all of your weeaboo wants.  Purchase exclusive merchandise and downloadable content.

  • Subscribe to the blog and follow us on social media!

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