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The Future of the Gaming Industry

For those of us fortunate enough to have witnessed the rise of the video game industry it is clear that what was once considered a childhood pastime has become a cultural icon rivaling or surpassing box office movie and music sales. Companies invest millions in the development of new technology with implications that go beyond recreational gaming. With the onset of VR/AR Technology and E-sports gaming has grown beyond its humble origins.

Video Game culture continues to evolve at a rapid pace and social media platforms have implemented functionality to support sharing content by live streamers and casuals. Gamers have created careers around streaming their gameplay and participating in million-dollar VG tournaments.

Virtual Reality (VR) and the lesser known Augmented Reality (AR) are finding an audience despite being a new technology. Eventually VR and AR will be a fundamental viewing experience for many forms of entertainment and technology. The development of 3-D printing and Computer-aided Design (CAD) combined with VR technology is exciting for future engineers and architectural designers.

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