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The Latest On genDESIGN[Team ICO]

Fumito Ueda's Team ICO has become genDESIGN! In 2014, Fumito Ueda formed genDESIGN with SCE Japan Studio comprised of members from Team ICO. The team of veteran developers, led by Ueda as creative director, is responsible for some of the most impressive, innovative, and creative games from the last generation. ICO (2001), Shadow of the Colossus (2005) and The Last Guardian (2016) were all visionary games that individually redefined the action-adventure genre.

The world is waiting anxiously for news from SCE Japan Studio about the team's latest project! Let's check out the press releases from genDESIGN and discuss the latest rumors!

Recently, fans were teased when genDESIGN posted a teaser image on Twitter:

The post appeared on March 31st and announced the arrival of the team's newest members, two artists and a programmer. The tweet concludes with the statement that the team is still hiring and encouraging graduates to apply in 2023.

Observant readers noticed that the image appears to reveal a screenshot from their latest project! genDESIGN is known for their ability to maximize the capabilities of Sony hardware so their game on next-gen hardware should push the PlayStation 5 to its limit! If you don't follow genDESIGN on social media now is the time to subscribe!

Additionally, genDESIGN announced a new partnership with Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Engine, for the development of their new project. Check out the announcement trailer below!

The anticipation for genDESIGN's latest game continues to grow with each bit of information that is released. Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll be sure to keep you updated!

Source: genDESIGN

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