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why we give annie a pass but not gabi![aot rant]

[Please be warned there are spoilers for Attack on Titan.]

Even while looking for photos for this I could hardly find any of Gabi smiling. She is a menace, right?

Let's see!

Annie Leonhart is arguably one a the biggest surprises in AOT to date... I polled a number of my personal friends asking if Annie being the female titan or Reiner and Bertoldt's blow up on the wall was bigger? Many chose Annie as it was the show's first big slap in the face. Many are wowed by Annie's sudden reveal as a variant titan.

The Female Titan.

Based only on my opinion, Annie gets a pass because by the time Gabi was introduced into the series there were established friendships for years. There was a small group of characters we truly didn’t want to see die. Gabi took someone we all really loved.

By the time Sasha died we had already lost so much and this little girl was deliberately trying to take out people we held dear.

I like Annie because she never stopped shocking me. She was consistent and determined in her mission. She was strategic and blended in so well that I suspected Krista (Historia) as the female titan. It took me years to feel a change for Annie. I wanted her to be taken down. I was waiting for her hardening to break so we could take her power (and by "we" I mean Eren's entourage).

Gabi has this ferocity that Annie doesn’t have. She is almost disgusted by the Eldians living in the walls and this was before the attack on Marley (brainwashed I know).

Annie was doing what she was told. She didn’t show hatred for any one individual. By the time she explains why she did all those things our hatred for her had diminished considerably.

Yes, Gabi was also doing what she was told as well but it was all over her face! Repulsion.

While Gabi gets her chance at a redemption I still find it hard to give her any sort of pass. Then as soon as we think we like her BAM she shoots Eren. Forgiveness level zero.

Please take a ticket and get in line behind Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist), Rachel (Tower of God), Danzo (Naruto) and Sugou Nobuyuki (Sword Art Online).

Can you give Gabi a pass? Did you give Annie one?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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